P. Greenfield & F. Radford, Rex. The Seven Kings of Rome

The regal period of Roman history is studied much less than other periods of Rome, which is a tragedy. It is so intertwined with myth that it provides fertile ground for academics and general readers alike. Peta and Fiona retell the stories of the seven kings of Rome, using scholarship on this early period to help readers dissect the events recorded in narrative and annalistic sources like Livy and Dionysius of Halicarnassus. It interweaves mythology, written sources and archaeological material into a narrative of the period, examining each of the kings in detail. A final chapter explores the expulsion of the monarchy.

Podcasters, authors and bloggers Peta (Dr G) and Fiona (Dr Rad) will lead you on a tour de force of this fascinating period in Roman history in their unique and inimitable style.

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Forthcoming (2023) – S. Clarke, Kratos. Power and People in Ancient Greece.

So much of Greek history was made by the influential people of their times – no grass-roots history here! Historian Stephen Clarke presents a series of biographies of prominent Greeks, such as Themistocles, Alcibiades, Agesilaus and Cleopatra, presenting their lives in the context of their world. It creates a fascinating narrative of Greek history , giving the context that is so often missing in the retelling of history.

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